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Change the immutable! 

with a team of innovative and experienced entrepreneurs willing to make things happen


  • From our childhood, we resign ourselves to the fact that out of home peeing is a tricky operation. We develop all sorts of strategies to find the least unsuitable, least dirty, least dangerous place... Even to the point of avoiding urinating with sometimes dramatic consequences on our health. This is unacceptable! We are talking about a vital and daily need that is ignored in the public space, and still taboo ! Infrastructure must adapt to women needs, and not the way around … I created madamePee to develop innovative solutions to improve access to sanitary facilities for women!
Nathalie des Isnards
founder and CEO


A product dedicated to women designed by women

The product design was co-constructed with the users to be as close as possible to their needs.

We have chosen a systemic approach to address the issue of women in the sanitary facilities as a whole: discussion and testing sessions with user panels conducted by ergonomists, psychologists and sociologists, have been conducted throughout the development of the urinal.

The team

madamePee brings together innovative, experienced and entrepreneurial employees and partners.


The Research is conducted within madamePee with the partnership of university research centers and expertise in ergonomics, psychology, sociology and industrial eco-design.


A French industrial design agency working with a human-centered approach accompanies madamePee to develop a product that is fully thought and conceived for women.


We are structuring our industrial approach to be able to serve our customers in France and Europe, in a sustainable way.

Marketing & Commerce

Our marketing and sales strategy is nationally and internationally developed.


Communication is a major issue : madamePee wants everyone to understand the importance of providing the same service to women as to men. It is led by a team of young entrepreneurs specialized in sustainable communication and festivals lovers!

They support us!