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Why are the lines for women’s restroom always longer ?

The first feminine urinal designed by women for women

6x more users served by a madamePee urinal


less time spent in restroom’s line


more madamePee urinal than closed toilets in a similar space

Finally a solution to spare us from the restroom’s line ! It is much more convenient and clean, I can’t wait to find it in my next festival!

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Camille, 24


  • Our urinal is

    Faster, cleaner, greener & engaged!

  • Our urinal is cleaner

    contactless, waterless, splashless and only used to pee!

  • Our urinal is greener

    waterless and eco-conceived the madamePee urinal is committed to the environment protection

  • Our urinal is engaged

    Just like men do, women need to pee! Adopting the madamePee urinal is also standing up for parity!

  • Our urinal is faster

    patented ergonomic bowl, “no-touch” door & semi-seated position : the urinal makes the pee position easier to spend as little time as possible in it!

To whom is the urinal intended?

madamePee is for all toilet professionals who wish to offer a better quality, more ecological and lower cost sanitary service: operators of public and private places, organizers and hosts of high traffic events such as music festivals, sporting events (e. g. foot races), urban festivals, concert halls & so on !
& of course madamePee is for all the women who attend these events and who will finally enjoy the party instead of waiting in the bathroom!

madamePee:  changing the immutable!

Designers, industrials, ergonomists, sociologists, psychologists, madamePee‘s women and men come together to work with passion and enthusiasm around the toilets!
madamePee challenges prejudices and forge ahead a subject that has remained taboo and neglected for too long.  Join us!